Xavi Huguet

Xavi Huguet (born March 31, 1991), is an electronic music deejay, record producer and record executive based in Barcelona, Spain. He is the founder and lead member of the electronic music project, Acidict® which performs music festivals playing dancehall, moombathon, trap music, jungle and EDM. He founded and manages the record company Acidict records (2012). Among other jobs, he has worked as a graphic designer. All his visuals are created by himself: from art covers to video direction. It can be said that Xavi is a full versatile artist.

He worked with many artists all around the world making original music and always experimenting new waves. Xavi isn’t a typecast artist; he works on lots of different styles. He produces many different types of music and, this is one of the virtues that makes him stand out.

Another of the peculiarities of Xavi is his work on performing remixes, bootlegs and mashups. He always gives a new air to music hits.

 His discography is extensive and varied. Xavi has published his works in record companies of various countries, which are included in lots of music compilations. On December, 2014 he won an Award on the MAD DECENT Remix Contest (Beatport) getting the 1st position with his remix of “Gent & Jawns – Fireball”.

Xavi is focused in being heard internationally. He is still working hard to find the opportunity that makes that happen.


On stage, Xavi releases so much energy and he spreads it to the crowd. His style is innovative and full of rhythm.